Support Team

Yanira Agramonte

Legal Assistant

Legal Assistant Yanira Agramonte joined Marrero Bozorgi, PL in 2008. “Yani” provides invaluable support to the firm and the clients that we represent.  She does everything from greeting clients and functioning as liaison between client and attorneys whenever we are unavailable to filing pleadings and assisting in trial preparation.  At Marrero Bozorgi we pride ourselves on remaining responsive with clients throughout the representation of them, Yani’s consistent attention to our clients’ has a lot to do with this. “Working at Marrero Bozorgi is simply the best, there’s no other way of putting it,” she says, “At Marrero Bozorgi what you see is what you get, the attorneys are raw, honest, and truly care about their clients and employees.  We are a true team.”

Jose Gonzalez


Jose Gonzalez is a licensed private investigator and has been working with Marrero Bozorgi since 2003. He has extensive experience as a private investigator and assisting to defend accused in a wide variety of both general criminal and complex white collar investigations and charged matters.  He is particularly strong in the handling of fraud matters in federal court and is well versed in medical billing and synthesizing voluminous medical evidence in cases relating to the health care industry.  Jose is responsible for general investigative work such as interviewing witnesses, research, case analysis and working closely with our attorneys to develop a defense strategy. Jose was a police officer in Miami, Florida for over 18 years and retired as a Sergeant.  Since 2001 he turned his focus away from law enforcement and has focused on defending persons accused of wrongdoing.  At Marrero Bozorgi we believe there is no substitute for preparation and commanding the facts in a case, Investigator Jose Gonzalez plays an integral role in our ability to do that successfully.

Your defense is serious business.

When you need a defense lawyer, you want someone as concerned as you are about the outcome. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to supporting clients with a strategic, thorough approach and resolute engagement.